We at Rakka Creative create Cinematic Virtual Reality for better good, for you, your company and your educational field.

For us cinematic virtual reality is more than a gimmick—it’s a swiss army knife of tales which enables us to create and tell meaningful stories and content to help you get ahead.

A tool that gives people new ways to see and experience stories and content from another perspective.
We create content for people to emerge into—whether it’s forgotten memories from the past for the elderly to revinvigorate themselves or more extreme experiences, for example, like how it feels to ride inside a rally car or to ski jump.

We have worked with clients from different fields and industries, for example, from technology industry to manufacturing and from the educational field to TV industry.

Some of Our Work

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Our Services

360 video, content and post production

  • 360 video production for every platform
  • 360 video consultation
  • 360 video stabilization
  • Equipment rental for trade shows

    We rent Samsung Gear VR headsets with pre installed 360 videos and custom video players to be used in trade shows and events. Headsets can be branded with your company logos.

    Audio Production for VR

  • Ambisonics recording and sound design for binaural viewing experiences.
  • Custom music production Cinema grade sound recording and design.
  • Production Gear for 360 video

  • Nokia Ozo Freedom 360 with Gopro Hero 4 Black cameras
  • Custom Gopro rigs
  • Custom DSLR rigs

  • 360 video aerial production

    Professional aerial production with quality drones and stabilization.

    Cinematic VR lectures and presentations

    Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen is an experienced speaker and presenter and can give presentations about storytelling in cinematic virtual reality and 360 video technology. Ilmari is also teaching 360 video production and we have a possibility to customize a teaching session for your needs

    Custom VR player for Samsung Gear VR headsets

    Rakka Creative has a customizable 360 video player for Samsung Gear VR. We can easily create player with your brand graphics and sound for you 360 content. Player has menu screen on start where you can have several 360 videos to be played and controlled via gaze (just looking and pointing at hot spots).

    Our Team

    • Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen

      Founder and CEO
      Director and Producer
      +358 44 017 1711


    • Pekko Vuorela

      CVR Cinematographer and Editor
      Special cameraman
      +358 45 872 1342


    We work in a collaborative manner and have a vast network of professionals at our use. It means that when necessary, our team expands to meet the projects’ needs.

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